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Control What You Can Control

Ladies and men, apologies for our prolonged absence. It's been a crazy few weeks...but we don't have to tell you that. If you're like many people, your world has been turned upside down too - in many ways: people are reacting to job losses, pay cuts and business downturns - and that's on top of our "jobs" as parents, partners, friends and community members. It's been a stressful, anxious time - but with change, opportunity can come.

"If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Despite all the stress and worry we are facing on a day basis, now somehow seems like a time we can re-imagine a different future. We see that businesses are re-thinking how they connect with their customers, politicians and public servants are reconsidering how they serve their constituents, and a new way of life wit COVID is emerging.

We've all been re-thinking the way we go about our daily lives, and one of the things that can create a ton of stress is uncertainty. Josh Bersin, a positive psychologist, wrote a great article about uncertainty, and how seeking control over the things we can control may be the best strategy we can use during this time of incredible uncertainty.

We know no one can predict what might happen and what life will be like in the coming months, but one thing we can do is seek certainty in our own lives wherever we can find it. This might mean making a commitment to a 5 minute meditation each day, or cutting small things from your household budget to save money each week or developing a one month plan for your business: whatever it is, the act of taking control in some area and setting a measurable, but realistic, goal can bring a sense of certainty to life that we all are really craving right now.

If you haven't, this is also a good time to dust off your resume, polish up your LinkedIn profile, and check in on your social media presence. Are you expressing what's really important to you in an authentic way? Are you putting yourself out there in a way that is in line with any new priorities you're discovering because of COVID?

A lot of us have changed because of this time the virus has given us to think about things. What is your personal brand saying about who YOU are? And how can knowing this bring certainty to your life and work in the near future?

We would love to help guide your discovery and help you gain some certainty if we can help. You can get Ladies, Power Up Your Brand - it's free with Kindle Unlimited, $5.99 otherwise, and you can pick up the paperback for $13.99. As always we'd love to connect with you on Facebook in The Savvy Branders Tribe and are always here to help you brainstorm around your personal brand.

Be well, brand well,

Faith & Stacy

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