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It's 2020...Out with the Old.

It's a new year: time to pack your schedule with more of what inspires you and less of what doesn't.

Shed old ways of thinking that aren't serving you well, and plan to do more positive thinking around your brand and how to use it to achieve your goals this year.

Commit to thinking about yourself as a brand, and reveling in all the opportunities branding yourself provides.

When your brand is clear - because you’ve done the work of making sure it is - things just flow more smoothly. Your products and services fall into place, marketing yourself becomes more effective, and you can really assess whether you have the right client strategy or need to reassess.

That can sometimes mean you do more work for fewer clients, shedding those clients with whom you are not 100% authentically aligned.

Firing a client: think about it. How good would it feel to say “thank you, but no thank you” to a client whose culture or ways of working don’t align with yours?

Put more nicely: “I don’t think our brands are a good fit.” Or - “it’s not you, it’s me”? :)

And know the business will come - from clients you are aligned with - and who energize and uplift you?

Our book, Ladies, Power Up Your Brand - - is a quick read and walks you through how to get CLARITY on your brand, and target being CONSISTENT everywhere your brand shows up. Reach out to us to reserve a spot in the upcoming Social Branding Bootcamp to learn how to CONSTANTLY show up across social media channels. And follow us on our Instagram @poweredupwomen.

Strive for brand Clarity, Consistency and Constancy - then get busy firing those clients you need to, and targeting only those that are aligned with your #powerbrand. Power Up in 2020!

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