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Why Branding Matters...especially if you are a busy business woman.

Having a strong brand will benefit you as a business leader in many ways, especially if you are busy and think you have no time for it. Here are a few things we know to be true about branding:

  • When your brand is clear, your ideal customers and clients find you

  • When your brand is different, your competition ceases to exist

  • When your brand is authentic, you are supercharged at work and money flows to you with ease

  • When your brand delivers real value, you become irresistible and irreplaceable

You don’t have the time NOT to build your brand.

Social media is the most efficient and highly effective channel for small businesses.

  • You don’t have time to ignore one of the most powerful business platforms that can get your brand in front of thousands of new clients

  • You don’t have time to have your social media profile communicate less than the best about you in front of millions of potential clients

  • You don’t have time to have your social media profile incomplete and not working as hard as it should be

Right now, take an audit of your social media platform and decide if it’s PoweredUp and whether you would hire you based on its look, feel and content. Because that’s exactly what at least 40% of consumers do according to the 2019 Hubspot Social Media report.

If it’s not working as hard as it can for you, it’s time to Power up your social media brand. Click here to secure your spot in the upcoming Sept/October Session. The program investment is only $1,997. You secure your spot with a $97 downpayment and make special payment arrangements for the balance. And in today’s crowded marketplace, you can’t afford not to focus on your social brand.

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear what Linda Giddens had to say about her experience in the 6-Week Social Branding Bootcamp.

“While attending a Branding Over Lunch session, I heard Faith talk about her 6-week Social Branding Bootcamp. In the past, I owned my own business that struggled to get off the ground. One of the main reasons it struggled was because I didn’t know how to effectively market it. Being in the IT industry for the past 5 years, I understand that in today’s world social media is everything. Since it was a 6-week program, I could easily fit it into my schedule. I signed up.

The experience and results have been beyond words. My Facebook and LinkedIn pages look 1,000 times better. Instantly, I started getting comments and messages from past business contacts and peers. I also started receiving messages from new potential clients. The 6-week Social Branding Bootcamp has been the best thing I could have done to grow my business. I highly recommend it. If you want to discuss my experience further, feel free to contact me at or 561-289-5339.”

Click here to secure your spot in our upcoming Sept/October Session -

If you are not yet following @poweredupwomen on Instagram, we invite you to so. We provide updates on the latest branding news for women as well as do live IGTV trainings. And of course, we’ll follow you right back.

Faith and Stacy

Ladies, it's time to Power Up.

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