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3 Brand-Building Tips To Attract Your Raving Fans!!!

Every business, whether large or small wants to attract the ideal clients who will buy their products and services and then refer and buy again. In the advertising industry they are sometimes referred to as brand loyalists, which means exactly what the name suggests...they are loyal to your brand and will go out of their way to do business with you. We all want that.

And while that is awesome, there are things you can do to transform your brand loyalists into Raving Fans. Raving Fans are down for whatever you are putting down! They will drive 200 miles to come see you, attend your seminar, or whatever. If you say jump, they say, I have already jumped...what's next! That's the ultimate relationship every brand wants...your people are irrationally and emotionally connected to you and your brand. So how do you create Raving Fans for you brand? There are several ways to do so, here are three things you can start doing right now to make your brand more sticky to your people.

1. SURPRISE AND DELIGHT YOUR PEOPLE - Most business owners think in terms of profit and making the most margin on every transaction and sale. And while you are definitely in business to make money, your clients must feel like they are getting more than what they paid for. It's a fine balance, but one that must be struck, if you want to attract clients and turn them into Raving Fans. So what does surprise and delight potentially look like? Let's say you offered a 12-week course on how to make sweaters and that course included 4 patterns for $300. One way to over deliver value that doesn't take too much time away from you, would be to announce, half-way through the course, that everyone is getting a bonus week on how to start the matching sweater hats for no extra cost! OHH EMM GEE!!! It's the simple little things that can bring the biggest returns to your brand.

Digital Drive-by to Chef O.

2. GO ON A DIGITAL DRIVE-BY - Everyone wants to feel special, wanted, loved etc. That is just a universal human truth! So how do you do this? First, it has to be authentically baked into the DNA of you and your brand. It can't feel like fake-love or fake-care or fake must feel like it's coming from the deep recesses of your heart. You do that by making it a core part of your brand values, goals and a written strategy for your brand's direction. Depending on your brand and your industry there are a variety of ways you can do this. One of my favorites is The Digital Drive-by. This strategy is dependent on you actually having a picture of your client, either by themselves but ideally a selfie with the two of you. Go to their Facebook timeline, upload the picture and comment, "I was just thinking of you and wanted to drive by and say hi." The ideal time to do a Digital Drive-by is when it's not expected. It's not the same as posting a happy birthday or congrats post. What make is super special is that it was not expected but it will be so amazingly appreciated. And the best thing is that Digital Drive-by are free but can bring big returns to your brand!

My fave coffee mug from my bestie Stacy Graiko

3. SERVE UP SOME VIRTUAL COFFEE - Having direct face time with your ideal clients is key to converting them into Raving Fans. However, most business owners may not be in the same geographic proximity of their ideal client...she might actually live in Wilmington, NC or Paris, France. Either way and no matter where, the Virtual Coffee Sessions solve that. There are 3 things you need for a successful Virtual Coffee session: 1) Your coffee mug, 2) A virtual meeting platform like Zoom 3) A list of 3 things you want to learn more about your client. It could be anything like what college her son decided to enroll in or where the family is going on vacation next or areas that she needs support in right now. The point of the Virtual Coffee Session is to get closer to your client just by catching up in a casual way that is just all about them.

These are just a few of the ways to build your Raving Fans. Be sure to subscribe to my website to get notified when we open up our 1000 Raving Fans Branding Course so you can get registered. Whether you are a start up or established business, you will gain great benefit from learning these brand building strategies and putting them into action.

Remember you are your brand and how you treat your most special and valuable people in your life and business is directly correlated to your brand growth!

Are you on Facebook, then join us in the Savvy Branders Tribe where we have way too much fun but build amazingly powerful brands. We call that a win-win :-)

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