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What is your personal brand's POV?

What do you see in this picture? It all depends on your point of view

As individuals, we all see things from a different point of view. We bring our personal experiences, good, bad or neutral, to rest upon our ideas of how we think things should be.

When it comes to your personal brand, the same holds true. We believe that things should and out to be one way or another based on our values that we hold dear to us.

Having a POV is a key element of having a personal brand that stand out. It doesn't really matter what that POV is. As long as you are not just straddling safely in the middle, you will attract your people who see things the way you see it or the very least, respects the fact that you have a point of view on how things should be. So imagine if you are in the health and wellness space and your brand product is organic, gluten-free, soy-free meals. Your brands POV might be that every single American child should only eat organic, non-GMO foods until they are the age of 18! For the people who also believe this to be true, you will naturally magnetize your brand to them and they will tell their friends who also believe that to be true and you will have a loyal tribe who follow you and support what you do. There are likely other business owners who also play in the same space but don't believe that organic and non-GMO are that important. So how could two business owners in the same industry have such different takes on the same issue? As Jim Rohn is known to say "I wouldn't sign up for that course!" (meaning don't try to understand or figure it out :-).

Just determine what you value, how you want to see the world, and be bold in your convictions on what your brand stands for. It might feel a bit scary to pick one thing, but as my clients know I am fond of say " You can't boil the ocean." You can be all things to all people...that is a sure fire way to have your brand fail!

Be bold in your convictions and do you! So did you see what I saw in the picture? I am so curious to know. Email me at and let me know! Happy branding!

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