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YOU are your brand!

YOU are your brand!

YOU are your brand!
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Holly MacPherson Reviews  Branding Over Brunch Workshop with Faith James
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Holly MacPherson Reviews Branding Over Brunch Workshop with Faith James

Janet Garcia Review of Branding Over Brunch Workshop
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Janet Garcia Review of Branding Over Brunch Workshop

Dawn Gilmore - Review of Branding Over Brunch Workshop
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Dawn Gilmore - Review of Branding Over Brunch Workshop

Jay Sharpe

Coach, Author, Speaker

It's really very simple! You've gotta' have your Branding Coach! She is the BOB-Branding Over Brunch and personal branding guru! Her work is effective and her style of coaching is straightforward and to the point. No gimmicks! No catch! Just pure priceless nuggets of effective processes and communication! I am honored to be a part of Faith's team.

Dawn Gilmore

Women's Portrait Photographer - DVG Photography

I have been a full time photographer for 8 years and struggled with branding (and subsequently marketing). I have been going to Faith's "Branding over Lunch Workshops" and it is a total GAME CHANGER. The information she shares to help you build your Branded Intro & to TRULY figure out what your brand says (which in turn helps you figure out your target client and how to find them) is INVALUABLE. I cannot wait for the full workshop so I can hone in on my Branded Intro even more & blow people away when they hear about what I do. Thank you FAITH for sharing all of your years of branding knowledge.

Michelle Golinski

Subconscious Tamer - Your Blossoming Mind

I have been attending Faith's Branding Over Lunch since the first, and there is no doubt she knows and lives Branding. She leads by example every step of the way with Truth, Knowledge and Integrity. In just a few sessions, I have seen my business grow along with my confidence in the way I am Branding myself and my practice....The value of what she delivers far exceeds the price.

Gena McCown

Women's Ministry

After attending just a few of the Branding over Lunch events, Faith James has helped me not only finesse the branding for my non-profit but also discover the value in my twenty years of experience in my field. Now, as I speak to others about my passion it is anchored with credentials that catch and hold attention. I am more confident in my presentations. Having made such strides in just my first few events means that I do my best to not miss any of Faith's sessions. She is a gift, and I am ever thankful.

Maiga Auguste

Life Coach, Author

Faith is a kingdom woman who has gone over and beyond from day one to help me walk and brand in my purpose the correct way. Who has supported me more than those who I have known for years. Who constantly and consistently thinks of what can benefit Mya and GEMs. Who pours into Mya because Mya is GEMs and GEMs is Mya. More importantly who God has divinely assigned to help and show me the ways so that we can help others. A kingdom woman who is selfless in her love and giving, a mentor, a leader, a coach, a friend. No amount of money or words could describe how I feel in my heart for what you have done for GEMs since I have met you!! It feels like years but it's only been ONE year. I can only imagine where I would be had I known you before. Your gift is priceless and effortless, yet impactful and empowering.

Tasha Chen

Master Manifestor - Science of Getting Rich Academy

 Faith's advice has elevated my brand to the status that truly reflects my persona and the message I deliver. I still pinch myself that I have someone with her level of knowledge and experience (having worked with the Brands of iconic American companies) as my very own branding coach! Her attention to detail and results has more people commenting on my branded material than ever before.

Mallissa Newton

The Spiritual Hope Coach

Knowledgeable, committed, and dedicated branding coach! I am blessed to work with Faith during this transition in my professional, personal, and spiritual life! She's attentive to your needs and will work beyond your branding needs to protect your brand as her client! It’s a relationship that is authentic and real! She will go over and beyond for you and she is flexible!

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