Welcome to 

The 3rd Annual

Branding Over Brunch Event

presented by Faith James and 

The Personal Branding Consultancy, LLC

The 3rd Annual

Branding Over Brunch Event

June 2nd and 3rd

8:30am - 4:30pm (both days)

Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa

Hutchinson Island, FL




Meet the Event Host, Faith James, CEO of The Personal Branding Consultancy, LLC

Hi there and Welcome to the 3rd Annual Branding Over Brunch Event. I am beyond excited this year for several reasons... I entered my year of Jubilee, celebrated the 2nd year of Branding Over Lunch and this June marks the 3rd year of The Branding Over Brunch Event.  This year is super special because we have put together 2 days chock-full of branding magic from amazing guest speakers to live brand strategy session and a live Social Branding: LinkedIn training.  There have been such a demand for all things branding that we decided this was the year to respond and make it a 2-day event.  So, if we are going to do a lot of work I knew it had be at a FABulous location! Luxuriating is one of my key brand need states so the location had to deliver that brand experience.  Elevate is also one of my key brand words for 2018...and as such we elevated the location from the country club to a the luxurious beach resort of Hutchinson Shores Resort and Spa. You don't want to miss this experience.  If you are like me and plan to stay overnight at the property, then you have the ability to do so and get the FL Resident discount.  I hope you and your colleagues will join me with what will prove to be the single best and most complete conference event about how to build your brand, attract your ideal clients, grow your business and your professional reputation.  Remember you are your brand, come learn how to brand yourself well. 


- Faith James, CEO and Founder of The Personal Branding Consultancy, a 25+ year expert Advertising and Branding Executive, Fortune 500 Brand Influencer for brands like IBM, Liberty Mutual, Pepsi, MaryKay, Microsoft as examples.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who wants to learn how to develop a personal brand that will build their professional reputation and attract their ideal clients should be in attendance.

This event is for you if:

  • You are a business owner who wants to stand out in your industry and be known as the go-to-person for your products/services.

  • You are a entrepreneur who is just getting started in business and need to know where to begin getting your name at the top of your prospects' consideration list.

  • You are a corporate professional who manages a division/department with a team of employees and are tasked with bringing value to the company top and bottom line.

  • You are an employee and want to learn how to position yourself for a promotion or special assignment.





What You Will Learn


  • Learn the state of your personal brand and what areas you need to optimize

  • Calculate your Brand Index Score and establish your baseline score

  • Live Personal Brand Coaching Sessions


  • Learn how branded strategies to show up as a professional in the workplace, every time.

  • Learn how to ensure the brand you want to communicate is being seen both in and out of work

  • Live Professional Brand Coaching Sessions


  • Dump the boring :30 elevator pitch and develop your custom Branded Intro that bring clarity to your brand and  get you noticed.



  • Learn how to manifest your brand in both your work and personal environment

  • Creation of your Visually Branded Portraits and why they are important 


  • Learn how to optimize your brand on both your Facebook and LinkedIn platforms

  • Live on-site training to update profiles (bring your laptops)

  • Creation of custom branded hashtag and how and why you should use them



CEO and Chief Creative Designer

Talk Topic: Brand Your Environment


Donna is the CEO and Chief Creative Designer at Cappello Creates, LLC and is one of the Featured Speakers at the 3rd Annual Branding Over Brunch Event. Her philosophy on interior design is focused on creating spaces that reflects her clients' vision and intentions in every detail.

"Great design focuses on function and form vs. just color and fluffy pillows. Having a space that reflects you is important, but even more so when you are a business owner or entrepreneur who is focused on building and creating business success. Whether you have a brick and mortar location or you work from a home office or you work in a corporate office, having your work environment being in alignment with who you are, authentically, is key to heightened creativity and delivering inspired work.


So, do you want to feel more creative and be more productive in your work space? Are you ready to renew your environment to reflect your Brand? Then come hear my talk at The Branding Over Brunch Event and learn how Creating Spaces that Reflect YOU can bring your brand to life and attract success in your professional life. 


Author, Speaker, Professional Development Coach

Talk Topic: 

The Business of Gratitude

Jay is a published Author of two books - "Chicken Lyrics - A collection of Inspirational Quotes" and "The Pocket Book of Gratitude", an International Speaker and a Personal Development Coach. Her talk entitled "THE BUSINESS OF GRATITUDE" will help business owners, professional executives and employees how to leverage the power of GRATITUDE to develop a personal brand that will lead you to success in all areas of your life!! Get registered now and secure your Priority Seating!! You want to be up close and personal for this!!!

"There is no greater success in business than GRATITUDE. Gratitude takes your brand from good to great! It’s not enough to have the best product or service on the market; your internal & external customers want to feel that you appreciate them. People spend money where they feel appreciated. Using Gratitude as the cornerstone of your business will build your brand, character and reputation in the industry. Ultimately you will become successful in business and in the work that you do. 

Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur or professional, having a Heart of Gratitude will illuminate and magnetize your success. An attitude of gratitude is priceless!"


Facilitator of Energy Healing, Medical Intuitive, Speaker 

Talk Topic: 

The Secret to a Winning Brand Starts With Your Heart

Introducing Ilene Gottlieb, affectionately known as "The Heart Healer" as one of our Featured Speakers at the Branding Over Brunch Event. Ilene combines her 48 years in Nursing and 24 years in Vibrational Healing to create a personalized holistic approach to healing. Ilene is also an author and host of her radio show "Live with Ilene ~ The Heart Healer".

As your Guide To Conscious Heart Connection, Ilene’s passion is to guide and support individuals in remembering that creating health, wealth and wellness all begins with a loving relationship with ourselves. When we consciously connect to our hearts, abundance in all forms flows to us effortlessly.This is the key that Ilene will help you unlock, to create and receive all of your heart’s desires.

The key to true happiness, success and abundance in your business starts and ends with a conscious connection to your heart … period! Are you doing what you love or are you trying to love what you do? The answer lies, in consciously connecting to your hearts and getting clear on the answer to that question.

Join Ilene at the Branding Over Brunch Event, June 2-3, as she shares the benefits of conscious heart connection as the key to your success in powerfully developing your brand, your business, your profession and manifesting your heart’s desires. 




Women's Empowerment Photographer

Talk Topic: A Branded Picture is Worth a Million Dollars​

Dawn's mission is to help women love the skin they are in and see themselves for the beautiful and powerful beings they are. Dawn has photographed thousands of women of every age, size, shape and color in range of settings from Branded Head Shots, Boudoir, Little Black Dress Glamor and Visually Branded Portraits. 

Her Talk Topic - " A Branded Picture is Worth Millions" will enlighten you to the power of having branded images and how that directly impacts you, your brand and your business.

"In the day and age of social media you have 30 seconds or less to grab a potential client's attention. It is more important, now than ever, to have professional images for your marketing and communications initiatives.


We know it's critically important to brand ourselves in the way we communicate, especially upon the first introduction, via Faith's Branded Intro training!! But – how do you present your Branded Intro VISUALLY? You do it using high quality and professionally created branded business photographs and images. Think of it as your 30 second elevator pitch leveraging the power of pictures. So what does your visual brand say about you?" 


Social Media and Digital Marketing​ Coach

Talk Topic: How to Leverage Your Brand Story on Social Media

Darien is passionate about inspiring individuals to unleash their inner champion.  He was born on the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua. In 1996 he received a track and field scholarship to Murray State University in Kentucky, where he received his degree in marketing.


He is an internet marketing coach who loves helping small businesses and entrepreneurs tell their story in a unique way to build relationships, generate high-quality leads and increase sales.  He has trained over 100 banking professionals from companies such as Suntrust Bank, BMO Harris & BB&T on how to leverage social media to increase customer acquisition. He is a highly sought after speaker and has been featured on Central Florida News 13 as a social media correspondent.  

His Talk Topic - "Leverage Your Brand Story on Social Media to Increase Sales" will give you the top 3 strategies you need to learn in order to build a successful brand that attracts your ideal clients, develops your professional reputation and positions you for success.

Your social media presence is one of the key assets of your overall personal and professional brand and it's important to put a focus on ensuring that the image and perceptions you want to promote are at their highest and best.


Global Brand Strategist

Talk Topic: High Quality Connections for Personal Brands

Stacy is a Global Brand Strategist 

who over her 20+ year career, has helped both Fortune 500 and personal brands deepen connections with their customers.  She has worked in advertising agencies, research firms, and neuroscience practices to understand human behavior and the motivation for relationship, and works to identify ways to strengthen relationships between brands and people.  She is currently a Managing Director at Kantar Millward Brown Firefly, a $4 Billion Dollar global insights and marketing research consulting firm. She takes a creative, holistic approach to her work, leveraging her clinical psychology training, training as a yoga and meditation instructor, and academic study in positive psychology.  


Stacy has a special interest in female executives and political candidates, Gen X men and women and Moms.  Stacy has a BA in Psychology and Communications from Anna Maria College and an MA in Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.  

Her Talk Topic - "Leverage Positive Psychology to Build Solid Brand Connections" will focus on and equip you with the tools you need to  High Quality Connections, and they can be leveraged to use one’s personal brand to create deep, lasting connections with clients and potential clients.


Janet Garcia

CEO - Inspiring Radiance, LLC

Attending Faith's Branding Over Brunch event has completely amped up my business.  It is a resource of amazing wealth and I would never miss it.

Jay Sharpe

Author, Speaker, Coach

We are so blessed to have someone of Faith's talent and branding caliber host these events in our area.  She brands Fortune 500 companies and everyone who wants success needs to be at her events.

Dawn V. Gilmore

CEO - Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photograpy

My business has been forever changed for the best since knowing Faith and that is not an overstatement. She is the branding guru of all time and has helped me double my business income with her branding strategies and coaching.  This is a must attend event.

Dawn V. Gilmore

CEO - Dawn V Gilmore Fine Art Photograpy

My business has been forever changed for the best since knowing Faith and that is not an overstatement. She is the branding guru of all time and has helped me double my business income with her branding strategies and coaching.  This is a must attend event.